Experience the charm of the Olde Worldy atmosphere and enjoy the sophisticated modern facilities. Also close to Cheltenham and  a favourite hotel for Cheltenham Festival race goers!


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The Tudor House Hotel Tewkesbury Gloucestershire.

One of the finest and most intriguing hotels in Tewkesbury. When it comes to places to stay in Tewkesbury this hotel must be at the top of your list. If you are looking for a hotel room,  discount hotels or cheap hotels don't overlook The Tudor house hotel when booking hotels in Tewkesbury. If you are taking a short break UK, Tewkesbury must be a destination and The Tudor House Hotel is the place to stay.

This imposing black and white building is steeped in so much history. Built as a house in the 16th Century, it was the mayors resistance, the courts of justice, during the reign of james 1, a school founded by the pilgrim Samuel Jones.

Today it has been tastefully restored and provides a magnificent ambiance while still affording the hotel guest modern facilities.

You cannot help but be drawn to its ancient origins, The Mayor's Parlour with its central fireplace and concealed Priest's hole. The imposing rear dining room with the axe marks in the door still visible from Oliver Cromwell's soldiers.

Then there is the delightful secret garden with its plethora of roses and the beautiful Tudor Rose among them.

The magnificent Elizabethan Staircase leans to the rooms on the first floor.

On the side closest to the bar the Jacobian staircase with its beautiful stained glass panels depicting the coats of arms of the various knights who fought in the battle of Tewkesbury.

At the rear of the building the River Avon flows gently past with the occasional narrow boat moored.

There is so much atmosphere in this hotel that if one is visiting this area it is a must that you need to experience what this magnificent old building has to offer. Then there is the town itself with so much history you have to experience it for yourself as you walk along the High Street just imagine who has been here before you, you will never forget the experience!

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